To paraphrase Occam's Razor --
"The simplest solution is most often the best."
  • Google provides the simplest (yet most sophisticated, comprehensive and affordable) solution for safety management in the Cloud 
  • However, there are many companies that purchase expensive, inflexible solutions and only know about Google because of the search engine, Gmail and funny YouTube videos
What We Do
It's simple (and sophisticated). We help small to mid-size companies develop low-cost/no-cost safety solutions. Utilizing a variety of Google tools and our extensive resources we show users how to take safety management to the Cloud.

Constantly developing new tools, Google is user-friendly, secure and powerful. We'll help you build and populate:
  • A safety management intranet
  • Safety programs and forms deployed online
  • Mobile safety applications
  • Integrated safety documentation databases
  • Just-in-time safety compliance information 
  • An online safety video library
  • Site and page level permissions
The truth is, you can probably do all this yourself ----- in time. 

But we can help you right now, with the structure, the tools and the content. 

Do it right the first time -- Contact us